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Tours and day trips


Your hostess is an officially recognized tour guide of Tuscany, specially trained for Cortona, Arezzo and the province. Towns like Siena, San Gimignano, Montepulciano, Pienza, Chiusi and Montalcino are also part of her program.

She will show you the main attractions in a remarkable fashion. You will also visit amazing places not listed in the travel guides. Employing a guide means optimal and optimizing holiday pleasure!

Churches, monasteries and merchant towns

Your guide will take you to explore the prettiest towns that look as though they have been “plucked from the middle ages”. Showpiece is the Etruscan town of Cortona, which shares a history with other towns in the Valdichiana, such as Castiglion Fiorentino and Monte San Savino.

In the valley of Casentino the focus lies on the impressive Camaldoli hermitage and La Verna monastery, both of which lie “hidden” on the hilltops in beautiful forests.

In the Tiber valley the main purpose is a visit to Sansepolcro and Anghiari. These are interesting towns because of their history and their arts and crafts. Sansepolcro is also the birthplace of Renaissance artist Piero della Francesca and the museum there is definite must-see!

In the Valdarno, which has always had close ties to Florence, visits are planned to the small, medieval baptismal churches, unparalleled in their originality.

And in Arezzo, intersection of various river valleys, of Etruscan origin and with a decidedly medieval air, you will get (re)acquainted with the abovementioned Piero della Francesca in the beautiful Franciscan church.

The famous tourist hotspots like Siena, S. Gimignano, Montalcino, Chiusi and Montepulciano also have many interesting surprises to offer.

Favourites for the year 2018:

  • Cortona (potentially on the trail of Francis of Assisi)
  • Cortona with Etruscan script
  • City combine Cortona and Montepulciano (potentially on the trail of Santa Margherita)
  • City combine Arezzo-Sansepolcro (potentially on the trail of Piero della Francesca)
  • City combine Cortona met Assisi (potentially on the trail of Francis of Assisi, with a colleague)
  • Combine Cortona – La Verna (potentially on the trail of Francis of Assisi)

Hiking in the Valdichiana and other river valleys

Your guide will combine a visit to the abovementioned sights with a choice hike in the area of these sights. Two bird with one stone: a healthy hike and cultural nourishment. A selection:

  • hikes in the Valdichiana between Montepulciano and Lake Trasimeno. During such a walk a visit to a wine producer cannot be excluded, as you are near the vineyards of, amongst others, the Vino Nobile!
  • hikes in the Valdarno (Castelfranco), rich in natural scenery, walking from monastery to monastery and following, as much as possible, the ancient pilgrim and trade routes that led to and from Rome.

Cycling in the Valdichiana and other river valleys

Your guide will combine cultural visits to the abovementioned sites with a choice biking trail on the electric bike. Two birds with one stone: a healthy cycling trip and cultural nourishment. A selection:

  • cycling trip between Arezzo – Cortona and Lake Trasimeno. Through the Valdichiana runs the bicycle route of the “Bonifica” (swamp reclamation). This route takes you past what was once in Etruscan times the river Clanis
  • cycling trip in the Casentino between Bibbiena and La Verna, past the river Archiano.

City trips generally last around 2 hours, a combine is longer. A hiking or walking trip generally lasts 2×2 hours.

Multiple day trips

Your hostess works together with incoming-travel agent Crea Tours and Events-Cortona for multiple day tours. You can find the available trips here. Together with travel agent Sentiero Reizen from Amsterdam she organizes the Olive program in the olive months October and November. Click here.

The added value of guided tourism: your guide combines the outings as much as possible with folklore and culinary art. This means that the most wonderful days with characteristic feasts and the choicest traditional food are created for you. Everything to ensure an ideal vacation.