In and around the house

CasaFaulle is a hospitable holiday location where you will find plenty of space and quiet. Notwithstanding, you will also find an open door, a pleasant chat when convenient, an enthusiastic insider tip, a spontaneous softball game between parents and children and a campfire or home-made pizza on a birthday. Furthermore, we are always open to suggestions.

Below you can find an overview of what is available directly outside:

Lake for swimming

zwemmeertje2At CasaFaulle there is a lake for swimming where children in particular enjoy themselves enormously. “Jetty-jumping and jetty-hanging” is popular with the older children and the younger children like to follow. The lake is also a welcome way for older people to cool off after a hot summer’s day.

Pizza baking

IMG_9777Everyone can always barbecue on their own terrace. There is also a barbecue at the front of the house, use of which is only restricted in the months when there is a fire risk. At your request and after signing up beforehand, guests can take a supervised dive into in the pizza culture: gathering wood, firing up the oven, preparing the pizzas, baking and … eating. Many a summer’s night becomes a party.

A real Italian meal

2alexIf there is enough interest a friend who is an Italian cook will serve a delicious Italian summer menu at CasaFaulle. You can also sign up for a cooking demonstration by Italian cook Donatella. You can watch, help and … eat!


Massage at Casa Faulle

casa-faulle-171When you need relaxation, Rosanna, official masseuse, could come on appointment to our house.


Activity area

groepsruimteCasaFaulle also has a separate area which can be used for various activities. The area has been furnished as a library but also houses a home trainer for fitness purposes. When it is too hot or too rainy the children can amuse themselves with board games, playing cards or chatting.

When groups wish to use this area it is transformed into an art studio, theatre or music room. See also group space.

Hiking and biking

2013_02_09_IMG_2897CasaFaulle is the perfect starting point for a number of beautiful hikes and bicycle tours (starting at the foot of the Faullian hill) through the woods, through the olive groves, over the mountain ridges, with or without visits to picturesque villages. The possibilities are numerous. We are happy to tell you which routes to follow. Through us you can rent (electronic) bicycles to optimize you day out. Click here for hiking and biking outings with a guide.

Do nothing


And, of course, a holiday is all about relaxing and doing nothing, something CasaFaulle is particularly suited for. The peace and quiet, wonderful views and beautiful natural surroundings make just sitting/lying on the mountain a pleasure.