In the Faulle area

The space and quiet at Faulle can be varied with relaxing in the area:

Visiting the beautiful Tuscan and Umbrian towns

The picturesque town of Cortona is nearby, but Rome, Sienna, Perugia, Assisi and Florence are easily visited in a day from the centrally situated CasaFaulle. For current exhibitions, events and points of interest in these outings CasaFaulle has an infinite amount of information material. Unique to CasaFaulle is the fact that your hostess is an officially recognized guide of Cortona, Arezzo and the province. She offers made-to-measure outings. A city tour can also be combined with one of the hiking –or biking activities below, which will then receive a decidedly cultural flavour.


For hikers the surrounding area of Faulle also has much to offer. Almost next to CasaFaulle runs the GEA route no. 50, an ancient pilgrim road to Assisi. You can also hike across an ancient Roman “vie”. We are happy to give tips and can furnish you with maps and information. Click here for hiking trips with a guide.


For cyclists the Faulle area is also becoming more and more attractive. Through the Valdichiana runs the bicycle route of the “Bonifica” (swamp reclamation). This route takes you past the ancient river Clanis and through a beautiful landscape. You can bike across the specially laid out cycle path (the so-called bird path) past Lake Trasimeno or past the river Tiber. The Valdarno valley north of Arezzo also offers excellent opportunities for beautiful hikes where, sooner or later, you will inevitably cross the Arno waterway. And last but not least, cyclists can also enjoy themselves in the green hills of Casentino. We are happy to give tips and can furnish you with maps and information. Click here for biking trips with a guide.

Bathing in thermal water

Particularly in the early –and late season, bathing in warm sulphurous water can be very attractive. CasaFaulle will disclose to you the spots where you can bathe under the open sky as well as taking a “spa” in a bathhouse.

Swimming, surfing and sailing on Lake Trasimeno

The Lago Trasimeno is a large lake with three small islands and offers enchanting scenery. At the lake you will find a number of pleasant meadows for sunbathing. You can swim, surf and sail. You can also take a ferry from a number of wharves to the islands to walk there (botanical gardens, small churches and wonderfully fragrant nature), laze around and enjoy a lovely lunch or dinner in one of the garden restaurants.